100 Word Challenge: The City of Deep Sleep

This week the writing prompt for the 100 word challenge had come out. It was quite interesting: ... although is was Saturday nothing was open... To me, the prompt sounded like is could be a mysterious and adventurous plot. Here is my take:

The City of Deep Sleep

Silence is not exactly what you want to hear on a ‘cheerful’ Saturday morning. You expect children laughing and playing in the nearby park. People talking and sipping their morning coffee, but that took a giant turn. Although it was Saturday, nothing was open; no one walking their dog, no one driving their cars. The roads seemed neglected and ignored. It was like everyone had left, left me standing here, left me in a quiet and empty city: New York City. Why has the city decided to fall asleep all of a sudden? That’s the question I need to answer.  

Thank you for reading this post. I have another post about the 100 word challenge and so do my classmates, so make sure to check that out too!


  1. Hey Shelby,
    Thanks for sharing your story - all very mysterious!
    Don't forget to check you stay in the same tense throughout your writing.
    Congratulations on another great entry!
    Mrs Abena


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